Randy Fields has fundamentally changed the way retailers and suppliers comply with food safety regulations, particularly the Food Safety Modernization Act. Fields developed ReposiTrak, an industry leader in compliance, food safety and risk management for the retail supply chain, with Michael Leavitt, former governor of Utah and former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In 1990, Fields founded Salt Lake City-based Park City Group Inc., the parent company of ReposiTrak Inc., which offers a sourcing, compliance management and advanced commerce platform for retailing for retailers, wholesalers and consumer goods manufacturers to accelerate sales, control risk and improve supply chain efficiencies. But ReposiTrak isn’t Fields’ only success story. In 1977, Fields and his wife, Debbi, co-founded Mrs. Fields Cookies, where he pioneered the development of the Fresh Market Manager and ActionManager applications to provide innovative management solutions for the rapidly expanding business.