Welcome to Winsight Grocery Business’ annual ranking of the nation’s Power 25 top food retailers, which charts Ameri­ca’s most influential companies on the U.S. grocery land­scape. Based on data from Kantar, our 2019 Power 25 dissects the top highlights of the leading food retailers.

As a composite, regional and nontraditional grocers are gaining ground in this year’s Power 25.

“Regional power players such as H-E-B and Publix Super Markets are show­ing sustained growth and we don’t see much to slow them down,” says Tory Gundelach, Kantar’s VP of retail insights. “In a lot of ways, they are better able to meet their shoppers’ needs than we see from larger traditional supermarkets, particularly through the in-store experience.”

Gundelach and her cohorts are also seeing stronger showings from “nontraditional grocery players.” On one end of the spectrum, she says, “Dis­counters such as Aldi and Dollar General have found a real niche in serving budget-stretched shoppers.” On the other side, she says, “Amazon continues to grow its food business by offering convenience to shop­pers. It is worth noting that many of the retailers on this list have their growth numbers to thank from their digital and online businesses. Brick-and-mortar retail is far from dead, particularly in grocery, but shoppers do find times in their lives when delivery or pickup makes more sense.”

U.S. Grocery Sales

Regional and nontraditional grocers have made inroads on the 2019 Power 25 top food retailers ranking, which charts America’s most influential companies on the U.S. grocery landscape, courtesy of data from Kantar.

* Sales estimate
** Compound annual growth rate estimate

Methodology: The primary sources for data in WGB’s Power 25 is based on Kantar’s proprietary forecasting, which is based on publicly traded retailers’ annual 10-K reports and other public financial data, Kantar’s ShopperScape database, Red Lion store location databases and retailers’ own performance outlooks, as well as Kantar analysts’ interpretation of the impacts of market forces on the retailers’ performance. Kantar formally updates all of its forecasts every six months; data for the Power 25 food retailers’ list herein is based on its most recent round of updates, which ended in May 2019.