With big, high-volume stores that can take years to acquire and build, Wegmans is continuing to grow slowly and steadily, a pace that manages to deliver the occasional wallop of new-store excitement while maintaining the company’s terrific reputation, reflected in any number of accolades for its relationships with workers and community esteem. New Wegmans stores set to open later this year in Raleigh, N.C., and Brooklyn, N.Y., will be the Rochester, N.Y.-based chain’s respective 100th and 101st stores and represent a new market entry. Those events can trigger wide-ranging ripples to area competitors. In addition to 14 announced future locations, Wegmans has begun experimenting with ways to make its existing fleet more convenient for shoppers. It will roll out meal delivery this year to about 40 stores through a partnership with DoorDash, leveraging its reputation for quality prepared foods to serve a growing customer demand for easy meal solutions. And shoppers may soon be finding that trip more convenient: The chain this spring began testing a new shopping app, Wegmans Scan, that allows customers to scan and bag their groceries as they shop.