Service lies at the heart of Festival Foods’ values, allowing the family- and employee-owned retailer of 33 stores in Wisconsin to deliver on a culture of excellence for the past 75 years.

“Every business decision, both short term and long term, is made with one question in mind: Will it bring the guest back?” CEO Mark Skogen says. “If we forget to ask ourselves this question, the result is usually poor service.”

Skogen shares an example of purchasing a new doughnut case and deciding to install it at 5 a.m. at one of its stores. “If we had stopped and thought about our guests, we would have realized that 5 a.m. was exactly the wrong time,” he says. “That was when our most dedicated doughnut guests are stopping in. We certainly weren’t going to bring them back by not having fresh doughnuts that day.”

And amid the pandemic, the quality of service at Festival Foods has only amplified.

“Our value of service has not changed … but our associates are laser-focused on safety,” Skogen says. “Our guests continue to appreciate the clean store we have always provided. However, we’re proud to offer curbside pickup and delivery options for guests who prefer not to come into the store. Regardless of how our guests are shopping, we’re here with smiles under our masks, offering the same exceptional service we always have.”

Festival Foods empowers its employees to make decisions that will bring the customer back, as well. “With pickup or delivery service, our associates ensure our guests receive the order they placed. If we’re out of an item, we notify our guests and offer a solution,” Skogen says.