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As prices cool, there’s plenty of opportunity in fresh

Is everything old new again? Maybe not quite, but in 2023, U.S. shoppers—a nostalgic bunch to begin with—have embraced everything from the resurgence of Birkenstock sandals and boy-band reunification to the much-hyped return of certain classic McDonald’s characters. Perhaps no trend are they happier to celebrate, though, than vintage pricing—especially at the grocery store, where for almost two years, grumblings about inflation have been as ubiquitous as the pop-classics playlists playing in the background.

Grocery prices have finally seen some sustained cooling in 2023, and the area of the store that stands to benefit the most—if retailers seize the opportunity—is the fresh perimeter, says Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics.

Illustration: WGB staff / Shutterstock