5 Ways Plant-Based Is Heating Up for Barbecue Season

5 Ways Plant-Based Is Heating Up for Barbecue Season

Green Grilling

Shoppers wanting to make their plant-based backyard barbecue even greener can start with their grilling choices.

5 Ways Plant-Based Is Heating Up for Barbecue Season

Positioning and Promotions

With inflation remaining elevated and consumers saying they’re adjusting their shopping behaviors as a result, how can retailers best promote and position their plant-based assortments for success?

Plant-based eating is more mainstream than ever, and major grocery stores are taking note. As retailers offer more plant-based options in-store and online, they are taking the time to educate their customers about these products as well to drive trial and repeat purchases .

It was a long winter. Again. But with temperatures rising and consumers embracing a return to larger and more traditional holiday gatherings, the smells wafting from backyards and patios suggest that Americans are kicking off grilling season with gusto.

Plant-based grilling isn’t just for burgers anymore—although burgers remain popular with new entrants this year from Amazon and the refinement of formulations from brands such as Beyond Meat. The category is also heating up with new innovations that include plant-based sausages and plant-based chicken.  

Plant-based meat alternatives haven’t been immune to the heightened inflationary pressures seen across the grocery store—and especially in the meat department—in the past year.