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5 Ways Plant-Based Is Heating Up for Barbecue Season

Summer 2022 will look different from summer 2019: Priorities have changed; consumers’ culinary interests have changed; and the prices consumers are seeing at the grocery store—especially for conventional meat products—most definitely have changed. It all makes for an interesting value proposition for plant-based choices this summer. A March survey from CPG sales and marketing services provider Acosta found 40% of U.S. consumers have purchased plant-based meat and/or dairy products in the past six months.

“Larger conversations about the importance of health and wellness have alerted many consumers to the potential long-term benefits of meat and dairy alternatives, and plant-based product sales are rising as a result,” said Kathy Risch, SVP of business intelligence for Acosta.

Read on for a look at the latest plant-based choices coming to market, how a shrinking price gap between conventional meats and meat substitutes could land more plant-based choices in shoppers’ baskets, and how retailers can help consumers create a wholly satisfying and more planet-friendly plant-based backyard cookout this summer.

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