Shoppers wanting to make their plant-based backyard barbecue even greener can start with their grilling choices.

Before turning on their propane tank, shoppers should consider environmentally friendly barbecue starters instead. When it comes to grilling, an electric grill is a great choice to grill plant-based favorites instead of gas or propane, which are nonrenewable petrol products.

Another choice to make a plant-based barbecue bear an even greener impact on the environment is a pellet grill. These grills still allow consumers to light wood on fire, but instead use pellets—compressed wood nuggets—that burn more efficiently and cleaner than the average charcoal grill.

Retailers can also help provide backyard barbecue bliss by offering environmentally friendly items such as compostable tableware/flatware and reusable bottles and other sustainably packaged items. In fact, 57% of consumers are less likely to buy products with packaging that can harm the environment, according to Trivium Packaging’s 2022 Global Buying Green Report.

Additionally, a 2021 PMMI survey asked CPGs to rank their top three operational priorities and found that sustainable packaging came in at No. 10.