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7 Grocers on a Sustainability Mission

Today grocery retailing is about more than the quality of products on the shelves, freshness, convenience and customer service. Shoppers want to know that the products they buy and the grocers they buy them from are helping to improve the health of the planet and the people in their communities. Sustainability—from global climate action to community stewardship, waste reduction, fighting hunger and diversity, equity and inclusion—has never been more important nor all-encompassing. What’s more, the latest research finds that consumers are increasingly prioritizing the health of the entire planet in their purchasing decisions.

For many grocers, such as WGB’s Grocery Business of the Year, The Kroger Co.—and the six other companies featured within—the sustainability journey isn’t new, but rather reinvigorated in light of the historic and challenging events of the past 17 months. 

Illustration by Mariko Jesse