Committed to “helping people across the country live better lives by making a meaningful difference, neighborhood by neighborhood,” Albertsons Cos. recently reached out to thousands of its customers to learn what matters most to them on the sustainability front. The results of this new materiality assessment will be the foundation for the company’s ESG strategy and initiatives going forward.

“We prioritized [our customers’] feedback (along with other stakeholders) and will be paying particular attention to areas such as community stewardship; climate action; waste reduction and circularity; and diversity, equity and inclusion,” says Darcie Renn, Albertsons Cos. director of CSR and sustainability. “We have started to make new commitments in these topic areas, including a commitment to setting a science-based target to reduce carbon emissions, and will continue to share more updates over the next year.”

Renn also sees strength in the company’s dual focus on the sustainability needs of the individual neighborhoods in which it operates and the country as a whole.

“ ‘Locally great, nationally strong’ is more than just a motto for us, it’s something we truly believe helps our business be successful, even for our sustainability program,” says Renn. “The local ties we’ve made in our communities help our stores meet specific needs in their region.