As a hard discounter, it’s not enough for Aldi to offer sustainably sourced products. Here responsibility comes at a price—an affordable one.

“Sustainability doesn’t come with a higher price at Aldi,” says Joan Kavanaugh, VP of national buying for Aldi U.S. “We’re committed to making environmentally responsible choices so our customers can too, without paying higher costs. Our bottom line isn’t just profit—it’s also people and our planet. When we act sustainably, we do the right thing for our employees, customers, communities and environment. If you ask us, there’s no better return on investment.”

In March 2021, Aldi announced a new sustainability charter aimed at protecting the planet’s resources and ecosystems and that includes a series of commitments through 2030. These latest science-based targets build on corporate responsibility commitments already in place and set new goals for the company, including a reduction in greenhouse gases and food waste, diversion of operational waste, and more sustainable packaging.

“Everything we do is for our customers and the communities where we operate, and that starts with taking care of our planet and its resources,” says Kavanaugh. “From responsible product sourcing and community wellness to minimizing waste and protecting environmental health, our commitment to being a sustainable company guides our everyday actions at Aldi.”