9 Retail Dietitians Making a Difference

9 Retail Dietitians Making a Difference

9 Retail Dietitians Making a Difference

Like so many things during the pandemic, the vital role played by retail dietitians and their relationship with shoppers were forced to go virtual.

9 Retail Dietitians Making a Difference

Meghan Sedivy

With so much unknown, it was more important than ever for me to reach our Fresh Thyme consumers and connect with our communities.

While focusing on our education and support to our team members and customers on topics such as sanitation and safety, immunity and overall health through the pandemic, we also opened a brand-new concept store and converted two of our existing stores to a new format, known as the Raley’s O-N-E Market.

As in-store and community activations halted, I turned my focus to digital and virtual offerings. I was able to support fresh campaigns with recipe development, create wellness focused digital content and launch virtual healthy cooking classes.

In the past year, the entire Weis dietitian team has transitioned all of our nutrition services to virtual.

When COVID-19 hit, we quickly pivoted our retail dietitian services to virtual and increased the hours of our online chat service to continue to serve our customers from home.

This past year, our Nutrition Education Department was thrilled to partner with our marketing team to develop a strategy that shares more nutrition related content and information with our customers, particularly via our social media platforms.

Launching virtual dietitian services was one of the best things we have done this past year to promote health and wellness when it was difficult to meet in person.

As a way to inspire our customers, I launched a vendor-partnered series called Feature Friday. This idea was crafted from one of the things I missed most about being an in-store retail dietitian: showcasing better-for-you products.

Our team of registered dietitians teach virtual webinars covering various topics, including healthy eating on a budget, meal planning, eating for heart health and diabetes, weight management and more.