What’s one cool thing you’ve done in the past year to help elevate/promote health and wellness at retail? 

Kimberly Asman: In the past year, the entire Weis dietitian team has transitioned all of our nutrition services to virtual. One cool thing I have done in the past year has been to lead two virtual Harry Potter kids cooking classes. We made Golden Snitch Peanut Butter Truffles & Chocolate Pretzel Wands. The class featured trivia, and a lot of the kids dressed up and were super excited about the theme. It was a blast! I also lead virtual elementary kids baking classes weekly. Our classes are free for Weis Markets Preferred Club Card Holders, and have been a really fun way for us to connect to customers and give everyone something to look forward to. Getting kids involved in the kitchen is also a great way to encourage them to try new foods and help them learn useful skills.   

What’s next as we ease out of the pandemic? 

As we ease out of the pandemic, we are currently still offering all of our Weis dietitian services virtually, including nutrition counseling, kids and adult cooking classes, nutrition presentations and custom nutrition classes for community groups. As things become more comfortable, we will begin exploring incorporating some in-person consultations and events as well.