Adult Beverages

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Adult Beverages

Gelson’s launches boutique wine club

The high-end Southern California grocer will feature “well-priced, hard-to-find wines” from local winemakers in the club.

Adult Beverages

Unleash The Power of Promotions to Drive Adult Beverage Sales

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The quick-service restaurant chain said it saw opportunity to expand in the adult-beverage space.

With the settlement, the St. Louis-based grocer admitted no wrongdoing in the case, which stemmed from a 2021 lawsuit involving alcohol pricing.

Both dollar sales and unit sales are up year over year as retailers expand their own brands of chardonnay, merlot and other varietals.

The bills, facing opposition from beer distributors and liquor stores, would let grocery and c-stores sell the products if their alcohol by volume doesn’t exceed 17%.

Voters in the state narrowly approved the measure to allow grocers and convenience stores that sell beer to add wine to their shelves. But voters rejected a proposition that would’ve allowed alcohol delivery.

The delivery platform on Thursday launched Drinks with DoubleDash, which lets restaurant customers place an order for beer, wine or liquor at a local grocery store, c-store or liquor store with no added delivery fee.

Older generations are turning to CBD products as an alternative to traditional medicine, the study found.

Grand Havana said its new product is designed to “enhance alertness, relieve stress and provide energy through the synergistic effects of caffeine and CBD in dopamine and serotonin.”

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