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Supercharge Summer Grape Sales with Data-Backed Tips

Photograph courtesy of Jasmine Vineyards

Market research conducted by state and national fresh fruit associations can be used by retailers to significantly boost grape and other fresh produce sales.

Retailers won’t be alone in these efforts, either—the California Table Grape Commission is promoting California grapes all season long. Healthy snacking and grape-health research is reaching shoppers via television commercials, digital and social media, e-commerce platforms, radio spots and print magazines including Oprah, Real Simple, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Shape, People, and Food Network Magazine. 

This marketing muscle behind California grapes makes an even greater incentive for retailers to take advantage of the following data-backed tips for boosting grape sales.

1. Register for the Annual Grape Display Contest—or run one

go big

Every July, the California Table Grape Commission (aka “Grapes from California”) hosts a grape display contest for retailers. Learn more at the Grapes from California retailer page. Grape displays are proven to boost grape sales—if stores miss this contest, they can set up their own contest!

2. Go big.

go big

When stores set up their grape display, they should go big! Market research shows the size of the display makes a measurable sales difference.

As pictured above, a retail customer in New Zealand uses signage and display materials provided by Jasmine Vineyards. Interested in obtaining POS materials for your own displays?Contact Jasmine Vineyards today.

3. Promote California-grown.

promote california grown

According to a 2019-2020 U.S. Attitude and Usage Tracking Study, 92% of those surveyed would choose fresh grapes from California over imported grapes when priced the same. If California grapes were priced higher, 73% of those surveyed would still choose California over imported grapes. Since 99% of all table grapes are produced in California, promoting California-grown attributes helps solidify this consumer preference in the produce aisle.



Badges such as Jasmine Vineyards’ “Grown in California” and the California Table Grape Commission’s “Grapes from California” label are visual reminders to incentivize shoppers to purchase California-grown produce.

A year of promoting food safety

This year, in addition to promoting the health benefits of grapes, Jasmine Vineyards is taking extra steps to help retailers and consumers feel safe buying fresh produce. Among these steps include:

·      Sharing internal COVID-19 safety training procedures.

·      Teaming up with Produce Marketing Association to promote their #JoyofFresh Consumer Campaign for Safe Produce.

·      Distributing our Business Continuity Planto retailers.

·      Sharing retailer-friendly ideas for boosting fresh produce sales while driving food safety home with every shopper (Sign up for Fresh Alertsto get email updates.)

Want to know more about how Jasmine Vineyards can help stores promote fresh produce sales and food safety this year? Writeor give them a call anytime to discuss at (661) 792-2141.



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