Amazon now adds pharma coupons automatically

The online retail powerhouse announced the launch of “Coupons on Amazon Pharmacy,” which automatically applies any coupons available to any pharmaceutical purchases made through the Amazon app or online portal.


Whole Foods to reach new market in Rochester, New York

The specialty grocer currently has about 50 new stores in the pipeline, according to its CEO, and will open a new store near Rochester on April 12.

The latest layoffs follow an announcement at the beginning of the year that the retail giant would eliminate 18,000 positions.

Amazon Prime members can now shop at select Rite Aid locations using the e-commerce giant's app and web portal.

CEO Andy Jassy: “If you want to have a mass physical-store offering, you need a different offering. And that’s what we’ve been working on with Amazon Fresh.”

CEO Andy Jassy says company making progress “in reducing our cost to serve in the operations part of our Stores business.”

Starting late next month, Prime members must spend over $150—up from $35—to avoid paying an online grocery delivery fee.

New Prime benefit offers generic prescriptions for $5 monthly subscription plus free delivery.

CEO Andy Jassy points to "uncertain economy" as the retail giant plans more "role reductions" in 2023.

The cuts, which could start as soon as this week, will focus on corporate and tech jobs, as well as in the company’s retail division, The New York Times reported Monday.

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