Couldn’t get to Groceryshop 2023? Here’s a photo redux

The nation’s largest grocery conference, Groceryshop 2023 drew more than 4,000 attendees, including over 1,700 retailers and brands across segments such as grocery, CPG, convenience, beauty and more. Here are scenes from the show, held Sept. 19-21 in Las Vegas.


Stop & Shop unveils new upgrades to Marty the Robot

The robot now has real-time data capabilities at more than 300 stores throughout the Northeast to improve on-shelf product availability and price accuracy.

Grocery Tech Basket: A boutique grocery store in suburban Atlanta is showing that high-tech can be homegrown.

Increased delivery competition, growing grocery consolidation and a potential overreliance on advertising dollars all pose potential threats to the last-mile delivery company as it looks to go public, industry experts said.

The Walmart drone program will launch in two Dallas-area Walmart Supercenters in the coming months, expanding delivery capabilities to an additional 60,000 homes.

Deloitte’s “The Future of Grocery Retail” report surveyed more than 800 industry leaders, economists, sociologists, policymakers and others over the last 18 months to gain a better understanding of the biggest factors shaping the industry.

Large grocers and other retailers could pay $5,000 a year for each cashier-less checkout lane in Evanston, Illinois, if a city council member's new tax proposal passes.

Grocery Tech Basket: Robomart is essentially a driverless grocery store on four wheels.

The retail giant is currently developing its own generative artificial intelligence language models and utilizing those developed by the broader tech community to make its supply chain more efficient.

The specialty grocer’s CEO and vice CEO took to the retailer’s monthly podcast to dispel some rumors, including whether the chain would ever install self-checkout kiosks. (Spoiler alert: No.)

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