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Cheese: Social Media's Next Star?

From Instagram recipes gone viral to virtual tastings and charcuterie board beauty shots, digital is one of the hottest trends in cheese now and for the foreseeable future.

Fresh Food

Convenient, Unique Cheeses Inspire Home Cooks

COVID-19 may have curtailed international travel, but not consumers’ cravings for global flavors.

Total dairy and deli cheese sales increased 19.4% for the 52 weeks ending Jan. 24, 2021, according to IRI.

"Whether they were having a dinner party for one or two at home, [consumers] still wanted an elevated experience," says Jonna Parker of IRI.

Plant-based dairy narrowly outpaces traditional dairy, according to IRI figures.

The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium is embarking on several new campaigns designed to emphasize product transparency and the nutritional attributes of one of the world's oldest cheeses.

Episode 36 focuses on all things cheese, including the retailer's upcoming Instagram contest inspired by National Grilled Cheese Day.

Grocers can add variety and quality to any at-home meal with these specialty cheeses

The Dill Pickle Co-Op is on a mission to provide space for all local vendors near its Chicago-based store, including cheesemakers.

Even against a backdrop of soaring grocery sales overall, the cheese category has managed to stand out during the pandemic: According to Statista, natural cheeses garnered a whopping $13 billion in retail sales in 2020 alone.

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