Consumer grocery trends


Study Highlights Widening Appeal of Hard Discounters

The Bain & Co. survey shows soaring net promoter ratings across range of trip missions for Aldi and Lidl.


The Metamorphosis of ‘Vegan’

The rise of the flexitarian lifestyle is creating a boom in the plant-based products category.

Retail Feedback Group's Brian Numainville reflects on lessons from the Supermarket Experience Study.

An exclusive look at the WGB editors' favorite road-tested new finds.

"Low, Low" program aims to get Weis to "lowest in the market" on 7K private label items.

Where’s the beef, chicken and seafood? For a growing number of consumers, it’s at their local supermarket deli.

Shoppers are increasingly seeking healthy alternatives to traditional indulgences.

Retailers and suppliers are launching wellness programs and promotions to help guide shoppers on their nutrition journeys.

Alternative formats dominate the Retail Preference Index that probes consumer perceptions in seven customer preference drivers.

The Lempert Report: Guided by a mission to be a more convenient store, the Portland, Ore.-based hybrid serves communities where big stores can’t fit.