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Frieda’s Specialty Produce Names Top 5 2020 Trends

The company’s trendologists predict what will be big in the coming year, including sour products with a sweet finish and mocktails.


4 Trends to Watch in the CBD Market

Industry experts give their take on prominent themes in the category, despite regulatory uncertainties.

Still in its nascent stages, the CBD market could be a boon for retailers if they understand the products that sell and who is buying them.

Competitors such as Sprouts and and distributors including UNFI are already absorbing negative impacts, analyst says.

A study predicts rapid online sales growth through 2025, with Walmart and Kroger seeing online sales surpass 10% of revenues.

In her annual state of the industry keynote, the trade association’s chief framed four key areas of the new food marketplace through the lenses “of what we need to learn, what we must unlearn and what we need to relearn.”

The Specialty Food Association’s president outlines his broad view on the transformation of the food industry by small, entrepreneurial startups in part one of a series.

Understanding and embracing the most watch-worthy trends hold the key for future success and growth of most CPG companies in 2020.

Offering personalization will be key as demographic, cultural and behavioral shifts loom large.

A new Simple Truth brand extension—and an aggressive sales promotion—hit stores nationwide as the retailer eyes a key sales driver.

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