Consumer grocery trends


8 Big Numbers From Kroger’s Strategy Update

Kroger’s presentation of its newly hatched strategy accompanied a barrage of statistics illustrating the challenges and opportunities before it.


5 Trends Driving Ahold’s Omnichannel for the Future

During the annual Food Marketing Conference, U.S. CEO Kevin Holt shared how personalized value; convenience; local and trust; health and sustainability; and local brands will all play into an integrated online and in-store world.

A new survey finds people are eating breakfast foods more often during the pandemic.

NCSolutions attributes increase in spending to Americans cleaning more and cooking at home more in its full-year analysis of pandemic shopping.

Fresh fruit prices saw their greatest jump in seven years as four of six grocery food categories recorded higher prices for the month.

The retailer said its smaller store, intended to showcase a revamped go-to-market strategy and support a more profitable business, will debut this year in four new-builds and one renovation.

Market research firm BrandSpark International has named the 2021 winners of the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards for everyday consumer product brands.

Consumers turn to greeting cards for meaningful expression, a much-needed laugh and everything in between.

Why this beverage—flat, fizzy or enhanced—is resonating with consumers now

With no food sampling in-stores and many consumers doing at least some of their grocery shopping online, how can a brand support new-product discovery—and the basket sales boost that comes from it?

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