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How Personalization Is Reshaping the Shopping Experience

As physical brick-and-mortar shopping melds with the digital world, customer experience is the defining battleground as shoppers engage with retailers at any time and from any place.


Supermarkets Are Leading the Way in Digital Transformation

The Lempert Report: Americans are spending more—just in different ways.

MIT officials said a grocery store was the most requested retail use specified by neighborhood residents, local employees, and students during the zoning process.

Prepare yourself: The customer-first journey may upset longstanding notions, even from the experts.

The best companies will control their own destiny and sustain their performance.

The complete meal planning solution taps retailers such as Kroger and Walmart for pickup.

The Lempert Report: This is not about political parties – but an overview of where we are today and what is coming.

The preportioned kits are the latest entry into ShopRite’s expanding portfolio of complete meal solutions.

Technology is enabling a new paradigm in which healthcare and food are merged together to improve the human condition: Personalized wellness.

As Earth Month approaches, it’s prime time to tout your eco-friendly mission and messages.

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