Consumer grocery trends


BJ’s New CEO: Get Younger, Grow Faster

Lee Delaney reveals $100 million "Project Momentum" built to revamp assortments, grow omnichannel and attract more young families.


Skittish Shoppers Taking to Stores to Stock ‘Pandemic Pantries’

Nielsen identifies top-selling items amid coronavirus concerns that are poised to impact global supply chains.

With gender identity in the spotlight, a study asks consumers to rate the masculinity and femininity of foods.

The Lempert Report: New research links emotional states to food.

FMI released its Power of Produce 2020 report at the Southeastern Produce Council Southern Exposure event.

Men, who shop as many times per month as women, seek fast carts, one-stop-shop convenience and plenty of prepared foods.

The Power of Meat 2020 found demand for meat hit $50.5 billion in sales in 2019. Here is what retailers might see in 2020 regarding top consumer trends.

The 15th annual Power of Meat report takes a deep dive into consumer behavior as it relates to meat and poultry.

The inaugural Off the Shelf report from goPuff, a digital convenience retailer, analyzed data to understand and predict consumers’ online ordering patterns.

The beauty business is booming, and as consumers increasingly look for cleaner products to put in and on their bodies, Whole Foods breaks down the year's top natural trends.

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