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Fresh Food

Produce Sales Up $4.5B Over 2019 YTD

An additional 2.9 billion pounds of fresh produce have been sold in 2020.


1-on-1 With Stew Leonard’s CEO

Stew Leonard Jr. shares some of the lessons he's learned while operating during a pandemic, as well as some of the changes Stew Leonard’s has had to make.

Fareway Stores is distributing a second round of front-line worker cash bonuses just before Labor Day.

Shoppers surveyed in wave four of the Consumer Pulse Survey express worry over rising food prices and store safety.

Stores ramped up staffing to meet increased demand while pivoting in other departments that were transformed by the pandemic.

Drive-thru pharmacies at 11 of the retailer's locations are providing testing by appointment.

While the grocery industry will always need human labor, new tech could have a large impact on how labor is structured.

Safety and compensation at the forefront as employees help keep stores open amid the pandemic.

Dairy, deli and bakery sales remain higher due to pandemic shopping, but growth is slowing.

The Lempert Report: A food hall in North Kansas City's Iron District has adapted by moving outside—and into shipping containers.

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