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CARES Act to Provide Relief to Grocers, Consumers

The bill moves onto the House and includes additional aid for consumers and benefits to grocers, including a delay in payroll taxes.

Fresh Food

NGA, United Fresh to Connect Produce Distributors to Retailers

With restaurants shut down, the two associations are working to redirect the foodservice produce supply chain to individual retailers.

The week of March 15 marked a turning point for the grocery industry, which saw sales across the store rise a whopping 62.5%.

​​​​​​​Relex co-founder Michal Falck discusses how the intelligent supply chain was dealt a blow by panicked shoppers—and how the same system can now help it recover.

Vegetables were up nearly 41%, while fruits increased 27% for the week ending March 15, 2020.

QuickEats, a tiny, cashierless store in California, debuts AWM's Frictionless technology to address safety protocols.

The abrupt change in consumer behavior and the prospect of a recession that has come along with the pandemic points to encouraging longer-term trends at the extreme food discounter.

Store traffic and sales of pantry staples are up across the chain, but the impact of COVID-19 has led the retailer to delay plans for remodels and new stores.

In survival mode, some restaurants are turning to grocery, but is the turn just a stopgap measure or a new reality?

The California chain has hired temporary workers to help with cleaning and stocking, and it has given existing employees a retroactive raise.

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