Top Products of July 2019: Editors' Elites

Our editors review summery snacks and items to add savor to meals.


Pass Over That Bag of Jellyfish Crisps

The Lempert Report: Can new preparation methods make jellyfish a savory snack?

The addition of foodservice and delivery options to the traditional retail store is a winning strategy, but one that requires good partners and best practices.

The onus is on both suppliers and retailers to listen to shoppers and understand their challenges in order to impart a consistent seamless journey both in-store and online.

Our editors review some new products for breakfast, snacks or on-the-go meals.

New exec will helm the division’s efforts to grow engagement with buyers and sellers across category-specific programs.

Moms and millennials are leading the call for products with fewer and simpler ingredients.

The Kellogg Co. sales legend and industry liaison will retire in October after 33 years with the company.

The technology is maturing fast, and every brand and retailer will be impacted in some way, so it’s time for trading partners to prepare accordingly.

Walmart's Jet.com website is expanding variety of Asian foods in partnership with H Mart.

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