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Dairy Sales Remain Powerhouse as Pandemic Demand Stabilizes

As more shoppers continue to prepare more meals at home, sales of dairy, deli and bakery settle into a new pattern.

Fresh Food

Everyday Demand Drives Dairy Sales

Dairy, deli and bakery sales remain higher due to pandemic shopping, but growth is slowing.

Yet with supermarket foodservice still largely limited by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, sandwiches made in-house for sale in the deli have disappeared from many grocers’ repertoires.

Father’s Day led to a spike in sales for dairy, bakery and deli as pandemic shopping patterns continue.

Supermarkets have seen unprecedented increases in sales since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic shopping is still boosting demand for dairy, but consumers shy away from service bakery and deli products.

Dairy sales are up over last year as pandemic shopping patterns continue.

The food industry rises to the occasion as an essential resource provider in these trying times.

The trend of retailers helping foodservice counterparts continues, with the Midwest retailers offering grab-and-go dishes from local eateries in their delis.

In week six of the coronavirus pandemic, dairy and bakery sales were strong while deli sales were not as high.

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