Stop & Shop Moves to Meet Online Sales Surge

50 new pickup sites, three new warerooms and more stores offing Instacart will help the retailer meet an online sales surge.


Ann Arbor Independent Grocer to Introduce Robot Delivery

A three-wheeled self-driving robot is now making grocery deliveries.

The evolved service offers 2-hour delivery across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

The company, which has increased its retail footprint nearly 20-fold since the start of the year, is making its plant-based burger available in family-size quantities for two-day home delivery.

Digital coupons and rewards earned through the retailer’s Shop & Earn MVP rewards program are now redeemable while placing pickup or delivery orders.

The offering will reach 45 U.S. states by the end of July .

The Lempert Report: How much do restaurants make when they use a delivery app service?

The faster delivery option leverages new technology and fits a changing value proposition for shut-in shoppers and the retailer.

The meal kit company counted 1 million new U.S. customers in Q1 as stay-at-home orders kicked growth to new levels.

The new 2-hour delivery service offers shoppers an edited selection—and a chance to pay their way out of congested delivery slots.

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