Price Rite Marketplace Rolls Rebrand Into Connecticut

Changes that debuted in Pennsylvania last year are drawing new customers and traffic at Wakefern's discount banner stores.


Who Wants Fish Sticks?

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A Brick Meets Click presentation illustrates the folly of price cuts as a means of competing with Aldi and Lidl.

Discount retailer also adding adult beverages, testing multiple price points.

The retailer aims to enhance its supplier relationships and provide new items to meet customer demand through the new partnership.

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After a long period of silence and amid concern from some licensees, there are rumblings of activity at the sleepy discounter.

New corporate campus is set to be complete by the fall of 2019 and will affect approximately 700 associates, all of whom will be offered relocation opportunities.

Basket Economics: It's no secret that the discount influence is all over town.

The discount retailer expects to create 7,000 new jobs in 2018.