Equipment & Design

How Retailers Can Make Effective Energy Cuts

From LED lighting to better employee awareness, grocers can do a lot to reduce energy bills and benefit from sustainable practices.


Wegmans Adding Specially Adapted Cart to All Stores

The Firefly GoTo Shop Carts are designed for children who need extra postural and head support.

Faster checkout is only one benefit as supermarkets and technologists team to explore Amazon Go-like spaces

Industry experts weigh in on the latest retail equipment and design breakthroughs and predictions for the future.

The Lempert Report: New grocery tech includes screens equipped with sensors ready to react to customers and anticipate their product selections. Whether shoppers will use—or be turned off by—such tech is the big question.

One recent IHA/CMA webinar says 90% of consumers will replace their cookware within a decade.

Top tips to help grocers equip a foodservice kitchen that best enables them to compete in the fast-casual lane.