Executive Interviews


Running a Grocery Store in D.C. During an Insurrection

Danielle Vogel worked on Capitol Hill before launching a grocery store. Amid the chaos of the past year and the past week, the grocery community helps everyone get through, she says.


10 Remarkable Remarks From Top Grocery Execs in 2020

WGB takes a look back at some of our most compelling executive interviews in the last year.

Team energy is excellent, but "we are not as nimble as we need to be," Tony Sarsam says.

The veteran beef and pork marketer joins the Breakroom to discuss the challenges of COVID, meat alternatives, what makes a good department at retail and NHL hockey.

In an interview with WGB, the CEO of Ocado Services explains why he feels the retailer’s gigantic bet on robotics and e-commerce will pay off—and not just because it's "cool."

Writer Benjamin Lorr's provocative new book examines hidden costs of today's food economy so that "you can't look away."

In an interview with WGB, Ryan Render shares how the employee-owned chain has been adapting during the pandemic and what “the next evolution of Redner’s” looks like as he reflects on the chain’s roots.

Healthy Living Market CEO Eli Lesser-Goldsmith talks newest store opening, expansion plans and offering the opposite of a "mindless grocery shopping" experience.

Manav P. Thaker joins WGB's Breakroom to discuss the intersection of hospitality and online retail, great Indian food restaurants, and how Subziwalla demonstrates 'authenticty through personalization.'

The partnership between Ocadao and Mymex isn’t necessarily what you think is, but when it comes to automating online grocery, every bit helps.

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