Executive Interviews


Catching Up With CEO Turned Tech Investor James McCann

The former Ahold USA CEO discusses transformative technologies for a fast-changing industry.


Q&A With Aldi CEO Jason Hart

The leader of the fast-growing hard discounter gives an outlook on the recession and an update on e-commerce, and shares lessons learned from the pandemic.

When the natural foods chain he helped build collapsed, Randy Talley hustled to find new investors and old colleagues to save Earth Fare.

Archer Daniels Midland’s Ana Ferrell shares insights into the bifurcated world of consumer shopping behaviors during the pandemic.

In an interview with WGB, Vivek Sankaran discusses his vision for the company, the sustainability of the food-at-home shift, and why even a recession may not stop it.

The Lempert Report: Bumble Bee CEO Jan Tharp joins Phil Lempert for a Q&A on a new commitment to sustainability.

The coronavirus pandemic provided conditions ripe for independents to exert local leadership and grow their base—as long as they executed, Rosie CEO Nick Nickitas says in an interview with WGB.

Ira Kress says he is determined to build momentum in a post-COVID world by doing what’s right by shoppers today.

WGB’s May Endcap guest reflects on the silver lining that has emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has enabled families to see the “tremendous value—both financial and intrinsic—with eating meals together.”

While demand for online grocery has rocketed to a point at which efficiency is more important than ever, other pandemic trends also favor a microfulfillment solution. Here's what its early adopters have learned.

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