Computer Vision Firm Trax Collects $640M in New Funding

SoftBank leads investment in software that leverages computer vision data into solutions for CPGs, retailers and shoppers.


8 Big Numbers From Kroger’s Strategy Update

Kroger’s presentation of its newly hatched strategy accompanied a barrage of statistics illustrating the challenges and opportunities before it.

"Leading with Fresh and Accelerating with Digital" will build on capabilities established in Restock, officials say.

The indoor produce grower said the SPAC deal would provide it with capital for geographic and category expansion.

Retailers need to identify the shoppers and categories leaking volume, and focus on recapturing that lost volume with specific initiatives, says thought leader Gordon Wade.

Supermarkets are giving back much of the extra spending power their shutdown peers in the restaurant loaned them during COVID, but both channels could come back stronger than they went in, a Barclays report says.

Smaller facilities, including a newly-opened "mini-CFC," and Zoom will support a high-tech grocery e-commerce ecosystem en route to the U.S. with Kroger, Ocado officials said this week.

Officials said its standard stores will grow in square feet by more than 16% this year, accommodating the discounter's outsized growth plans.

After five years in private hands and with an operating turnaround bearing fruit, the specialty fresh merchant has begun to seek a return to a public listing.

COVID sales trends backed by a strong operational performance helped the retailer post 16.1% sales gain in fiscal 2020, CEO Jonathan Weis said.

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