Fresh Food


Heinen’s Turns to AI to Manage Fresh

The retailer is completing a rollout of Afresh software, bringing a new approach to ordering and work management for fresh foods it says improves availability and sales while reducing costs.


The Giant Co. Launches Cook-in-Bag Meat, Seafood Products

The retailer said the oven-ready products make for easy cooking and cleanup.

The Lempert Report: COVID-19 has contributed to the boost as consumers reevaluate their choices and take sustainability into consideration.

This Southern California retailer isn't going to let social distancing stand in the way of offering customers its favorite roasted peppers.

Calling the newly installed hyrdroponic farm at its Lakeland location "the future," the eco-minded grocer sends a strong message of sustainability.

The Lempert Report: As seen with meal kits, the over packaging and materials needed to keep foods fresh or frozen is a turn off for many.

The Lempert Report: Defining the term can encourage broad consumer and industry support for products that help reduce food waste

The coronavirus crisis has shoppers rediscovering the joys of experimenting in the kitchen.

The Lempert Report: The program developed by Brookfield Properties and Optimus Ride is helping families in southeast D.C. who are struggling with food insecurity amid the pandemic.

In a little more than two months, the retailer has donated 5 million pounds of produce and 350,000 gallons of milk to support food insecure consumers.

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