Frozen and Refrigerated


5 Trending Foods in the Freezer Aisle

Frozen foods continue to ramp up the innovation pipeline across all dayparts and reflect multiple types of occasions.


8 Light Grocery Meal Innovations

Meals and snacks defined by fruit and veggie combos, salad bowls (with or without protein), and refrigerated dips/spreads are all at arm’s length for consumers seeking lighter eats during the summer season.

New offerings across multiple brands include frozen, refrigerated and shelf stable product segments.

List reflects consumers’ desires to socialize at home, the Chicago-based firm said.

The location, which now features enhancements such as a drive-thru pharmacy, market-style produce department and updated decor, had been closed since December 2021 due to a fire, the Sunbury, Pa.-based retailer said.

Category fulfills shifting consumer tendencies as the pandemic increased market demand for quick and easy meals.

Consumers made more meals at home as inflation and surging COVID-19 cases (and winter) only boosted at-home dining's appeal, IRI's latest shopper survey suggests.

Annual survey from BrandSpark reveals which products have caught American consumers' eye in the past year.

Drawing inspiration from everything from Friendsgiving to beloved lunchbox treats to Great Lakes blizzards, creameries and retailers are rolling out their 2021 lineups of frozen indulgences.

The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) has announced the winners of the Golden Penguin Awards for its 2021 annual promotions including March Frozen Food Month, June Dairy Mont...

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