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The self-checkout grocery debate continues

Whether to offer cashier-staffed lanes, self-scanners or a mix of both is an ongoing question for retailers. Some grocers, though, have no interest in the labor-saving technology.

Wholesalers & Distributors

US Foods Furthers Its Commitment to Offering Quality Produce Year-Round

Partnership with Kalera is the distributor's largest vertical farming relationship to date

To keep up with demand, Oishii has opened a new indoor farm at a former Anheuser-Busch factory in Jersey City, N.J. 

It's a misconception to think that indoor farming is inherently safer, writes FMI's senior director of food and product safety—and retailers need to be aware of indoor farms' unique potential challenges.

Makers of alternatives to traditional seafood, meat, eggs and dairy items raised 60% more in invested capital in 2021 than 2020, the Good Food Institute reported.

Strawberry fields forever: A New York-based vertical farming company has acquired computer-vision and robotics specialist Traptic as it seeks to apply smart technology to commercial fruit production.

"We have a very aggressive rollout strategy," COO Austin Martin says, "and we believe that being first is important in having access to the deep equity markets here."

The Rockingham, Va.-based company to build a soil-based controlled environment farm in the Seattle area—the second of eight new facilities planned.

The long-term agreement will let the retailer source leafy greens for all of its California stores from Plenty's Compton farm starting later this year.

The Pittsburgh-based grower, which supplies to Kroger and Giant Eagle, among other retailers, will build its second farm in Columbus, Ohio.

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