Grocery Business


Taking Stock of Stockouts

New technologies are offering retailers better visibility into shelf conditions and prevention of out-of-stocks—and not a moment too soon.


Meat and Cheese Snacks Offer Comfort, Convenience and Indulgence

With a global pandemic forcing restaurants to shutter their dining rooms, consumers everywhere are turning to their local grocery stores to keep them well-fed.

Rite Aid is the latest grocery partner for Instacart, which has rapidly expanded its delivery marketplace to nearly 2,700 new stores since early March.

The retailer is also waiving activation and monthly fees for prepaid Mastercards as part of a move that represents “a very well-timed strike against the dollar stores and Walmart.”

As the coronavirus pandemic shifted the supply chain, the retailers launched programs to help farmers shift product directly to food banks.

Kroger, Leevers Supermarkets and Dave's Markets offer front-line grocery workers the opportunity to receive a daily paycheck during the pandemic.

Rather than gradually slowing down, meat sales increased 43% during the week of April 12 vs. year ago comps.

Chiquita donates 1 million bananas and NuCal Foods to donate 6 million eggs, while Brookshire, Price Chopper and Hannaford donate large amounts to shelters and food banks.

The industry icon died at 89 from natural causes after a brief decline.

Store traffic and sales of pantry staples are up across the chain, but the impact of COVID-19 has led the retailer to delay plans for remodels and new stores.

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