Grocery and Food Retailing News and Trends


Farmstead Shifts to Compostable Produce Bags for Delivery

The move was in response to customer demand for less plastic use and waste reduction.


The Next Step: Driverless Supermarkets That Come to You

The Lempert Report: Stop & Shop is planning to test the idea this spring.

USDA predicts the growth will continue in 2019, with shoppers selecting high-quality varieties.

Quality-conscious consumers are driving growth of fresh meat and poultry.

The pilot program propels the Wakefern member to expand its healthy foodservice cred with "salad-hip" offerings.

More than 500 food retailers from around the nation vie for outstanding marketing and merchandising titles.

The days of periodic, enterprisewide and zoned decision-making on how to price "known value items” are coming to an end.

Retailers are becoming overwhelmed when grappling to keep up with the pace of change, yet they mustn’t let up, lest they risk being left behind.

Premium brands entering mainstream store aisles is fueling growth.

The retailer is extending its brand beyond grocery stores with the launch of a new seafood eatery and additional pizza offerings.