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How the Natural Trend Is Fortifying Vitamin/Supplement Sales

Retailers move to capitalize on consumer demand for supplements derived from natural sources.


Many CPGs Already Include 'Added Sugars' on Nutrition Labels

The Lempert Report: Many food brands recognize consumer demand for more information on labels, as well as less sugar content.

Demand for CBD products is growing exponentially, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration still must sort out its differences with the current Farm Bill in Congress.

The ice cream brand promises “sustainably sourced” products once the FDA sets parameters.

The deal with the London-based tech startup marks a first-time alliance with an online American retailer.

The Lempert Report: Supermarkets should help shoppers understand what nutrients and good foods they need most.

The Lempert Report: We crave our favorite foods, such as ice cream, pizza and cookies, because they stimulate the reward circuitry in our brains

The Lempert Report: Reframing how adolescents view food marketing campaigns can have an effect on their dietary choices.

The Lempert Report: How organic food consumption further influences good health and better environmental outcomes.

Deal with near-site clinic could reduce healthcare costs for the company and 2,500 of its Charlotte-area employees.