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'Hyper-Palatable' Foods Are Bad News

The Lempert Report: Studies show that most foods eaten in the U.S., including so-called weight loss foods, contain ingredients that make people want to eat more.


Federal Nutrition Research is Underfunded, Report Says

The Lempert Report: In an increasingly health-conscious America, the government has devoted only a tiny fraction of its research dollars to nutrition.

The Lempert Report: Cutting calories and reducing desserts is a popular New Year's resolution, but for most people, the change doesn't stick.

Senate approves Houston oncologist Stephen Hahn amid uncertainty over President Trump's position on flavored vape.

A look at topical products and why consumers and retailers alike are flocking to the CBD segment.

The Lempert Report: Cannabidiol products are reported to have positive effects, but the jury is still out on benefits or side effects.

The Lempert Report: A new report shows the American diet is still heavy on foods that can fuel heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

The Lempert Report: One study finds that those who used a smartphone five or more hours a day increased their risk of obesity by 43%.

The Lempert Report: More than one-third of consumers seek foods that improve their mood, sleep and gut health, or fight aging.  

The Lempert Report: Nutrients from superfoods such as chlorella, squash seeds, algal oil, kelp and maitake mushrooms in baby food can support healthy brain development.

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