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Walmart Marks 1-Year Anniversary With Flipkart

Merger has given the mega-retailer unprecedented access to 150 million Flipkart shoppers, according to Judith McKenna, the chain's international division president.

Retail Foodservice

How Franchises Get Digital Shoppers Back in the Store

Foodservice is one big way to drive customers to the grocery store and to spend more. Franchising partnerships can help.

The association is asking for "clear and comprehensive" guidance.

The association leader has supported meetings and member programs since 2013.

The retailer is supporting Chocolate Conspiracy, Mamachari Kombucha and Shaffer Farms with $15K in funding.

A new alliance between Nielsen, Trax and Acosta utilizes photographic technology and an internet of things platform to help CPG brands improve in-store execution strategies.

Calls are open for existing and emerging transformational senior-level retail executives to submit ballots through Aug. 7.

The retailer's new partnership with Alterra Mountain Co. aims to empower communities to live healthier.

The initiative was honored as the Best International Initiative for Marketing Fresh Produce to Children in 2019 at the London Produce Show and Conference.

A new report from Acosta details how shoppers in cities are more likely to shop online than their suburban and rural counterparts.

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