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Fresh Food

A New Global Food Map Scores Sustainability

The Lempert Report: Our food systems exacerbate climate change while failing to nourish enough people, but closer study may help.

Fresh Food

A Farm Where Pigs Moonlight

The Lempert Report: A farmer designed a "mobile pigpen," allowing pigs to prepare soil that will be used to raise crops.

The Lempert Report: A new wristband device uses a shopper's DNA to help them make healthy shopping choices.

The Lempert Report: Nearly 60% of shoppers almost always read a label before buying a new food.

The Lempert Report: A fragile workforce is growing suspicious of food delivery companies.

The Lempert Report: A sampling of Wegmans' burgers, pizza and sushi hit it out of the park, thanks to fresh, high-quality ingredients.

The Lempert Report: A company called Smallhold makes selling mushrooms easier by setting up mini-farms in restaurants and supermarkets.

The Lempert Report: About 1 in 4 Baltimore residents live in a food desert, but Lyft is working with the city to remedy that.

The Lempert Report: Focusing on how foods taste could be the best way to improve our diets.

The Lempert Report: A recent study finds only children have less healthy eating habits than families with multiple children.

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