The Lempert Report


COVID-19 May Change the Future of Food

The Lempert Report: What happens when we shift our eating habits from enjoyment and pleasure to basically eating for sustenance alone?

Retail Foodservice

A New Foodservice Model for Supermarkets

The Lempert Report: Why not embed takeout and delivery of prepared foods in a store's app?

The latest Winsight Live with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert takes a dive into why Southeastern Grocers might have postponed its IPO; how Publix found itself in the middle of controversy surrounding the Capitol riot; whether hazard pay will become government-mandated; and more.

The Lempert Report: Changes include more federal food assistance, restoring school food standards and strengthening GMO labels.

The Lempert Report: As delivery and pickup become more popular and concerns about COVID-19 continue, supermarkets can respond proactively by speeding up checkout times and urging shoppers to use mobile devices to check out.

The latest Winsight Live with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert explores Instacart’s move to eliminate 1,800 employee pickers; Costco’s record sales and earnings; Raley’s deliberate decisions in e-commerce; Choice Market’s planned 5,000-square-foot frictionless store; and more.

The Lempert Report: The restaurant chain intends to license its brand through Broad Street Licensing to “food and lifestyle spaces.”

The Lempert Report: The president and co-founder of One Fair Wage reports tipping has decreased amid the pandemic because sales are down overall.

The Lempert Report: Fish is largely missing from key global food policy discussions and decision-making.

The Lempert Report: This year marks the first time hemp will be grown in Indiana as a commercial crop.

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