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Plastic Utensils From Delivery Are Flooding Our Drawers—And Landfills

The Lempert Report: Just as delivery has grown during the pandemic, so have single-use plastics, adding to the issue of waste.


Winsight Live: COVID Relief, Vaccine Distribution and Test Delivery

The latest Winsight Live with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert dives into the COVID-19 relief bill and what is missing; GoPuff’s efforts to deliver COVID-19 test kits in 30 minutes or less; a CDC recommendation that grocery stores should be next in line for vaccines; and what two professors of chemistry said about eating outdoors amid a pandemic.

The Lempert Report: A Belgium startup is renting out spaces on rooftops, where it will do the gardening and alert its members via an app when the crops are ready for them to pick.

The Lempert Report: The Institute for Food Safety at Cornell University has a new mentorship project designed to help food businesses and consumers struggling with the effects of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal and Senegal.

The latest Winsight Live with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert discusses the vastly different side effects of snowy weather on grocery and restaurants; Popeye’s latest limited-time offer; Amazon’s debut in the Chicago area; DoorDash’s higher-than-expected IPO evaluation; highlights of a WGB’s exclusive interview with SpartanNash CEO Tony Sarsam.

The Lempert Report: A new study reveals that 1 in 4 food services and food retailers now view their companies as tech-forward early adopters, up from 1 in 8 prior to the pandemic.

The Lempert Report: The Food Lab has created a new partnership focused on upcycled food and reducing food waste.

The Lempert Report: Authors of a New York Times column suggest the department should be “the people’s department,” with responsibility to everyone in the nation.

The Lempert Report: The pandemic continues to affect consumer behavior, and this is magnified on key retail holidays.

The Lempert Report: Survey of 5,000 consumers in 10 European countries reveals how the lockdown has had a profound impact on food purchasing and consumption.

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