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A Soil Carbon Bank for Farmers and Why It Matters

The Lempert Report: A suggestion to allocate $1 billion to purchase carbon credits at $20 per ton could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 megatons each year.


Learnings From Thanksgiving 2020

The Lempert Report: COVID cases will likely spike in the next couple weeks as people crowded airports and had larger gatherings than what was advised.

The Lempert Report: The results of Jefferies Equity's survey of 1,400 consumers across the nation are striking.

The Lempert Report: The real problem of too many riders is not being addressed.

The Lempert Report: United Way of Western Connecticut has created a new program that involves senior citizens helping other seniors access healthy and nutritious food.

The Lempert Report: Acosta report says the mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for supermarket shoppers while in-store.

The Lempert Report: A look at sustainable food trends—now and in the future.

The latest Winsight Live with Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert examines Grocery Outlet’s expansion plans for 2021; Walmart’s decision to end its partnership with Bossa Nova and its inventory tracking robots; restaurants’ innovative approaches to keeping food and customers warm as indoor dining continues to be limited; Healthy Living Market’s goal to be the Northeast’s leading mid-size natural grocer; and more.

The Lempert Report: As COVID-19 cases continue to increase in the U.S., we should prepare for shoppers who want to once again stock up.

The Lempert Report: The European Food Safety Authority concludes that changing consumer behavior is driving many of the emerging issues in food safety.

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