Market research firms


Study Highlights Widening Appeal of Hard Discounters

The Bain & Co. survey shows soaring net promoter ratings across range of trip missions for Aldi and Lidl.

Retail Foodservice

Pathways to Continued Growth of Retail Foodservice

Lack of diversity in retailers' prepared foods assortment is the biggest barrier to progress, IRI finds.

Alternative formats dominate the Retail Preference Index that probes consumer perceptions in seven customer preference drivers.

The new partnership will enable clients to harness data as an enterprise asset within an open data environment.

The data reveals third-quarter price and sales trends for the top 10 fruit and vegetable commodities and value-added produce categories.

Targeted assortments and low prices also elicit a positive impact, according to a new survey from Category Partners.

Nielsen, Rakuten data finds online grocers ringing up $21.6 billion in sales in the past three years.

The new platform provides clients with self-service access to shopper program data from more than 350 million national loyalty cards.

A new study from Acosta and FMI reveals best practices for increasing category growth.

The “absence of bad stuff” can drive department growth for retailers.

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