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Retailers, Manufacturers Have Differing Sales Outlooks, Survey Shows

Higher prices and increased marketing funds are on the way this year while retailers brace for slower sales, and tighter assortments, an Advantage Sales survey shows

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'Be Bold': FMI Closing Keynote Maps a Tough Road Ahead for a Resilient Industry

Food retailers have "no option" but to slash costs and develop an operating model for the new normal, McKinsey's Sajal Kohli said in a rapid-fire closing keynote of FMI's annual Midwinter Executive Conference.

As the pandemic propels their annual online forecast, FMI and Nielsen highlight an opportunity behind technology advances, improved omnichannel merchandising and consumer segmentation.

Brands such as Acme and Stater Bros. are seeing outsized gains in store traffic, while longer trips suggest larger baskets, a Placer study shows.

The digital retailer delivered on speed, price and quality, overtaking H-E-B and Trader Joe's, the annual survey showed.

Citing widened pricing gaps and coming comps pressures, a new report from Barclays contends COVID gains could be “slippery” for conventional supermarkets and their wholesalers.

Distributors expect the category will continue to grow in 2021, but a flow of new brands could trigger a spill.

Separate projections from UBS and Cowen illustrate how COVID accelerated convenience and value trends, sparking rapid adoption of new habits and technologies.

Retail Feedback Group’s fall survey indicates shopper satisfaction with food e-commerce has improved overall since April, but the market has inched toward Walmart and Amazon.

Retail prices for supermarket food were up 3.6% from last November but rate slows, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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