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Homebound Shoppers Click to Record Sales

Homebound U.S. consumers spent a record $5.3 billion on e-commerce grocery shopping during April, an increase of 37% from what they spent in March, a new Brick Meets Click survey shows.

Fresh Food

Meat Sales Gains Continued During 3rd Week of April

The week ending April 19 marked the seventh week of coronavirus-related shopping patterns and with it, strong demand for pork, chicken and beef, which pulled up total perimeter performance.

Demand increases for Kroger and Amazon appear to be "sticky," according to a YouGov/Barclays study.

The week of March 15 marked a turning point for the grocery industry, which saw sales across the store rise a whopping 62.5%.

Vegetables were up nearly 41%, while fruits increased 27% for the week ending March 15, 2020.

The latest category data and store visits affirm that shoppers are returning to the familiar and are putting meat back on the center of plate.

The author offers up five strategies consumer brand makers can adopt to chart their path to new growth while balancing costs.

A Technomic white paper examines how the virus could impact the food industry.

With gender identity in the spotlight, a study asks consumers to rate the masculinity and femininity of foods.

The author expounds on what he believes are the key culprits dogging compact format grocery stores. Spoiler alert: Site selection is in the crosshairs.

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