Walmart now accounts for one-third of all online grocery sales

The retail giant's latest milestone is according to a new Brick Meets Click report, which follows a recently released study showing that Walmart accounted for more than a quarter of all U.S. grocery sales during the second quarter.


Report: Grocers have lots of opportunity to grab back-to-school dollars

Eighty percent of consumers surveyed by data firm Numerator said they plan to buy school supplies at mass retailers, while just 9% said they’d get them at the grocery store.

Target, BJ’s and Sam’s Club saw year-over-year declines in July, but when compared to visits four years ago, their numbers were up, according to a new report.

Brick Meets Click/Mercatus: But mass retailers saw an e-commerce surge during the month, though order frequency was down across all categories.

Warehouse clubs recorded strong performances despite inflation running at 40-year highs, with both BJ’s and Costco posting double-digit sales growth in 2022's opening months, Coresight noted.

While seeing continued strength in food and beverage and other "essentials," Target said it will move to reduce inventories in discretionary categories where consumers have pulled back their spending.

A La Crosse, Wis.-based congregation of Roman Catholic Sisters is calling on Walmart shareholders to back a proposal calling for greater pay accountability from the retailer.

"Retailers can still control consumer behavior," CBRE's Karly Iacono says, predicting: "This is going to be the year of proactive retail rather than reactive retail."

Declutter or bust: Mass merchandisers debut new storage lines to help their customers keep track of everything else they're buying.

Consumers all-too-familiar with the "prices up, inventories down" storyline look to Walmart for lower prices and bigger assortments, company executives say—and that's been a boon for grocery and other categories.

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