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Spread the Word About Meat’s Health Benefits

Educating consumers about the truths about meat can help increase consumption and sales, author says.

Fresh Food

Meat Sales Slow to Single-Digit Growth for First Time Since March

The lower sales gain is still impressive as this year’s everyday growth outstripped last year’s Labor Day sales.

Consumers rediscovered the versatility of pork, but pandemic-level sales may be tempered by supply and inflationary issues.

The Lempert Report: The plant-based burger war has begun.

A new partnership with JBS's discerning 1885 brand brings high-quality offering in time for Labor Day, the retailer said.

Sales still up 15% over last year, but the week ending Aug. 2 saw the lowest year-over-year gains.

The retailer said the oven-ready products make for easy cooking and cleanup.

The Lempert Report: COVID-19 has contributed to the boost as consumers reevaluate their choices and take sustainability into consideration.

Walmart is the latest retailer to offer Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger. Meanwhile, Beyond Meat saw its sales soar in retail despite foodservice declines.

Already a big meat event, Independence Day saw a double-digit boost in dollars and units in most varieties.

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