Fresh Food

Protein Is Still at the Top of Shoppers’ Lists

The Lempert Report: The majority of consumers, particularly millennials, say protein content is extremely influential in their grocery purchases.

Fresh Food

A Cut Above

Value-added meat and seafood products entice shoppers with the appeal of quick meals and adventurous chops and flavors.

Damaged and misplaced labels can lead to lost sales.

Fresh protein remains a powerful way for grocers to drive traffic and win shopper loyalty.

Lowe’s “What’s For Dinner” campaign took the Outstanding Marketer nod, and Quincy County Market's giant American cupcake flag won the Outstanding Merchandiser prize.

As the subscriber-based marketplace continues to shake out, more retailers are getting into the preportioned act.

Five new items are joining the subscription-free line.

Artificial intelligence is changing the promotional game in grocery—and across the retail landscape.

The Lempert Report: Researchers at USDA's Agricultural Research Service and Virginia Tech asked just that question, and the answers may surprise you.

From uncured to bold flavors and snack packs, processed meat products are meeting consumer demand for a broader range of tastes and eating occasions.

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