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Meat Sales Gains Continued During 3rd Week of April

The week ending April 19 marked the seventh week of coronavirus-related shopping patterns and with it, strong demand for pork, chicken and beef, which pulled up total perimeter performance.

Fresh Food

For Meat’s Sake: Keeping Processing Plants Open

Processing plants have become a hotbed of COVID-19 cases, and companies are playing a game of chess between worker safety and the food supply.

Rather than gradually slowing down, meat sales increased 43% during the week of April 12 vs. year ago comps.

These feel good fajitas are a perfect family meal. The spice of chipotle and cumin balance perfectly against the bright flavors of fresh peppers, cilantro and lime.

Beyond Meat is not just the trendy new kid on the vegan food block, it is a big food success story as well as a major disrupter of the traditional meat sector.

Smithfield says raw materials from a shutdown facility in South Dakota is triggering additional closures.

Comparable dollar sales were 41% higher during the week of April 5, when volume sales increased 34%.

After officials ordered a 14-day closure of a Sioux Falls, S.D., pork processing plant that became an epicenter of COVID-19 infections, Smithfield warns of dire impacts on the food supply chain. "We are either going to produce food or not," CEO Kenneth Sullivan said.

During the coronavirus pandemic, plant worker safety is paramount, similar to their retail counterparts.

The latest weekly sales numbers from IRI find meat maintaining its lead role; “return to pre-pandemic order routines” not seen as happening.

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